About us

with enough experience and sensitivity to offer different yet pertinent answers to specific issues, whether cultural, environmental or socially-related, and we know how to  understand our partners' visions and motivations without imposing ours, often playing a prominent role in signature initiatives or major events,  and we are proud to be entirely at the service of any significant project.


An organization that positions respect, attention and the search
for new solutions
at the heart of
its activity.


Simultaneously, we advise, assist and coordinate programs on behalf of companies. Our mission is to nourish, provide momentum, reality checks and passion to the communication programs devised by our partners.

In France as well as in other countries, we are appointed by private companies, public institutions, associations and foundations.


We mainly operate in the following sectors:

→ Culture and Science

→ Social issues (environment, education, nutrition, disability, exclusion, ethics)

→ Pioneering human expeditions




We are individuals...

A wide range of experiences and approaches...


Since 1992, we have developed different major projects and cultural programs on a case by case basis, renowned for their content, their quality and their wide applause.


In 1998, we have decided to combine our experience and know-how in order to create the Columbia River agency.


With a background in economy and cultural projects management, and after twenty years working in the music industry, Claire FOREST became the co-director of Columbia River. She brings with her extensive expertise in project management, administration and management, client relationship management, logistics and marketing.


Christophe HEBERT founded Columbia River in 1991, to cover the crossing of the Atlantic sea in a rowing boat by Gérard d'Aboville.  He then developed the company around the following unique positioning:  building brand reputation through large scale projects aggregating the various aspects of communication, including publishing and production of films.


What do we do?


    COLUMBIA RIVER assists its clients by providing them with strategic analysis and recommendations for the development of their communications programs, where their brand is associated with projects outside of the high profile media channels.


    In particular, COLUMBIA RIVER supports clients’ activities with its know-how to:


    → Define targets, geographical scope, objectives and resources

    → Protect the brand and project spin-offs in terms of reputation and visibility

    → Benchmark existing activities and projects

    → Define and refine the project deliverables and messages in order to increase its attractiveness to potential partners

    → Put in place a crisis management plan

    → Analyze the impacts of events and actions taken.



    Organized as a Project Management Office, Columbia River sets up dedicated teams for each client and each program, and contributes its 20 years of expertise in the production of complex logistic project engineering.  This includes the production of:


    → Feasibility studies

    → Planning

    → Graphic and set designs

    → Development of interactive tools

    → Selection of providers

    → Logistics

    → Team management

    → Communication

    → Distribution - Budget monitoring

    → Progress reports on events from start to finish


    Enthusiasts about the transmission of knowledge, cultural exchanges and spread of messages to young audiences and disadvantaged groups, Columbia River has developed a global expertise from the creation of exhibitions and their exhibition touring operations around the world, including in the most demanding countries. In this context, Columbia River brings its skills in terms of looking for opportunities, marketing, set-up and dismantling, diplomatic coordination, merchandising, customs and logistics.


    Throughout the entire life of its projects or its clients’ projects, Columbia River strives to enhance their image, to transmit their values, to make them part of  the future by making projects both ambitious as well as perennial, and  to optimize the visibility and benefits to partners.


    This includes:

    → presentation of the project and the choice of its speakers

    → conception of the communication strategy

    → visual identity

    → definition, conception and production of communication media (posters, brochures, catalogs, signage, etc.)

    → digital production (websites, interactive tools, social networks)

    → production of books, clips and documentaries

    → definition of audience policies (animations, tools for the young audiences, mediation, disadvantaged publics, reputation analysis, etc.)

    → Public relations

    → Media relations


    With 20 years of experience in assisting brands with their sponsorship or patronage operations (Unibail Rodamco, Rolex, Lyonnaise des Eaux Dumez, Sopra Group, Valéo, Sector, Caisse d’Epargne, MMA, Samsung, Aquarelle.com, Tir Groupé, etc.), Columbia River assists brands willing to optimize their below-the-line media return on investment, including:


    → Analysis and assessment of their past and present partnerships

    → Analysis and optimization of their commitment (sector, duration, means), in terms of cultural, sporting, environmental or social partnership).

    → Optimization of actions and benefits (reputation, media, B2C, B2B actions)

    → Provision of crisis scenarios and suitable answers in terms of communications, to cope with unpredictable issues that may arise relating to the programs they sponsor (damages, breach of contract, termination of programs, etc.)

How do we work ?

→  In a reactive manner

→ Using the experts in each domain or discipline


COLUMBIA RIVER operates as a highly flexible "variable geometry" structure, creating a unique project-team for each project.

Elle It relies on a core team working on a permanent basis and it supplements this, as required, from its network of associates of highly-skilled people chosen for their quality, reliability and creativity, as well as their ability to work at an international level.


Similar to movie production, the size of projects is key to defining the size of the team, in order to produce the right deliverable at the right time to result in the perfect project.


This methodology ensures COLUMBIA RIVER's clients to benefit from the most appropriate team at minimal cost.

Building on its many years of experience and project development, COLUMBIA RIVER has built up - in France and internationally - a pool of multi-skilled teams, including project managers, designers and set designers, museographers, graphic designers, webmasters and developers, directors, editors, stage managers, carpenters and reproduction workshops, translators, logistic transport specialists, editorial specialists...


COLUMBIA RIVER manages multi-disciplinary projects involving several partners, both private and institutional.  It mainly manages multi-annual projects, starting from a study/development phase followed by extensive development and strategic phases to ensure the successful completion of the project compliant with its initial objectives.


COLUMBIA RIVER is perfectly aware that the success of its projects highly relies on their rigorous preparation and choice of skills, and in its efforts to bring all parties together.


COLUMBIA RIVER is therefore committed to create positive dynamics between the different partners involved in a project to ensure that all parties share the same level of commitment, excellence and passion in their collaborative work.


COLUMBIA RIVER has been delivering projects for the past 20 years on all continents. International projects, are delivered by a mix of French and local teams. We work closely with the French consular network, French festivals abroad, and the French Institute.

On our planet...

In our expertise and values...



For over 20 years now, our main priority has been to retain our pioneering and independent spirit and our ability to complete quality custom work for our clients.


We believe that the key to success relies in a complete dedication to projects by creating a vision and ambition, while at the same time respecting the expectations and personality of people who implement or support them.


We concentrate our efforts to find adequate solutions and always act according to our own values, including commitment, ability to listen, creativity and friendliness.





What do we believe in?

Since its creation, COLUMBIA RIVER has always assessed its strong commitment for its core values of creativity and responsibility.


We integrate Sustainable Development Principles at every level of our business, from our management policy to our commercial activities, including our relationships with all parties involved in our projects and the selection of our partners. We oppose and fight any form of discrimination (age, sex, religion, etc.) and we integrate multiculturalism and diversity in the teams we put together to run our projects.


Regarding the choice of our service providers and providers, we always pay special attention to their social and environmental policies. Thus, we have been working since 2009 with the design office EO Développement (www.eodeveloppement.com) which advises us on the integration of environmental and social criteria into the services we produce and into the contract documents of our providers.